Cut Your Risk Of Parkinson’s Disease

No body wan’ts Parkinson’s disease, and modern medicine hasn’t come up with any very effective cures. The good news is that some real foods that you eat now may help cut your risk of developing this nasty disease.

They are: Vitamin E may be the best way to keep Parkinson’s away. A big study Here from Japan showed a 55 percent reduction of Parkinson’s among the subjects who took vitamin E.

Beta-Carotene was also beneficial in fighting the disease.

Vitamin E is found in eggs, almonds, and avocados.

Beta-carotene is found in carrots, pumpkins and cantaloupes.

Eat these foods and be healthy and live a long time!

Live Good,
Mac Dodds
Live Good

Kneeling Quad Stretch

Kneeling Quad Stretch:



This is a great stretch if you have been sitting at the computer or in the car for a while.

If you have access to a foam roller and the know how spend about 5 minutes laying on your quad on the roller and bending your knee.

If not, just try to get into the first position and see how it feels. Contract/relax into the ball with the top of your foot that is on the ball. This will improve the quality of the stretch.

Live Good,

Mac Dodds
Live Good

Knee Drags

Knee Drags:



This is a good total body exercise. You should be able to do a plank with a good neutral spine (not sagging) to do this exercise.

Keep your plank and bring one knee as far as you can while keeping it off of the mat. Then return to the starting position (perfect plank). Alternate sides.

To lower the intensity let your knee or foot rest for a second before returning to perfect plank.

I challenge you to give it a try!

Live Good,
Mac Dodds
Live Good

Leg Curls on the Ball

Leg Curls on the ball:



This is a great exercise for your hamstrings (the posterior thigh) and calves (posterior lower leg) and core.
Put your heels on the ball and lift your hips. If you can balance like that, go ahead and pull the ball into your body as far as it will go. then return the ball to the starting position and repeat.

Good luck and have fun

Live Good,
Mac Dodds
Live Good Fitness

Triceps Extensions With Band

Exercise of the Week: Triceps Extensions with a band.



A lot of you have bands at home that you can use for this exercise. The main thing to remember here is to stay grounded with your feet and create tension into the ground.

Then push your hips back and bend over so that you can fully extend your arms against the band.

Keep your shoulders back and back rigid.

Fit this into your exercise program on an arm day or total body day.

Good luck and let me know what you think.

Live Good,
Mac Dodds

Success Routine

Recently listened to a podcast featuring an amazing educator named JR Wilson. He’s the founder of The Advanced Learning Institute

He mentioned that many successful people have a routine that implement into their lives. It could even be a 5 minute daily positive word routine with yourself.

I suggest trying a small daily routine taking just 5 minutes or less to think about 3 things that you are happy about and 3 exercises you would do or three places you could go to take care of yourself through meditation or some form of exercise.

I challenge you to try it for 21 days and see how it changes your life for the better.

Give me feedback!

Live Good,

Mac Dodds

Live Good Fitness

Get Motivated for REAL!

Hi Everybody, I wanted to share a great and effective article on motivating yourself.

It’s got real behavior change strategies to get you to well, change your behavior to what you want to do.

If you are stuck right now or know someone who is, send this to them and challenge them to try it.

It’s written by Brett Klika who knows his stuff and actually went to Grad school with me at San Diego State University.

Live Good,
Mac Dodds
Live Good Fitness

DO Something 2.0

Hi Live Gooders,

I did a post a few months back about just doing something and not putting a high achievement level on every workout you do or are thinking about starting.

We all want to be the guy in the football training video, sprinting and slamming weights. Or the girl trail running, and doing crossfit to a rockin’ playlist with a sweaty towel.

But, sometimes, when you get done with work and you feel tired, hungry and like saying, screw this, ill just go tomorrow. Remember this….

Just show up and do something, biceps curls (light as you want) , a few crunches, some stretches and then watch T.V. on the exercise bike. Whatever.

Just do more than zero and take it back up to a higher level and more focused goal workout another day.

Keep doing something!

Live Good,
Mac Dodds,
Live Good Fitness