15-Minute Core Blast

Hey guys,

Thanks for the huge response and all of the Thank You’s I received for the free workout.

Just a note, since so many of you downloaded it (and hopefully have started using it).

Make sure that if you aren’t confident or something hurts, skip it.

Just move on to the next exercise that you feel comfortable with. Okay?

And that goes for any workout you get from me! You can always reply with a question.

Also wanted to say, don’t stop finding ways to be active like your body was meant to do!

Here is another gift for my clients​ and my list of followers.​  Thanks for all of the referrals it’s making a difference in peoples lives.

Here is a quick 15-minute core blast​(torso exercises) to help keep your spine strong and your torso looking lean.

Thanks and Keep up the good work.

And Now. . . Back to Living

Mac Dodds

P.S. Don’t miss out on free workouts. Refer a friend to me and get a free 30 minute workout per new person, no limit!

The gift of health is priceless!

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