Month: July 2014

The Right Amount of Sun Exposure

What’s the right amount of sun to get. What about sunscreens and sun blocks. I don’t want to get skin cancer. How should I use the sun? Sun exposure is not bad, in fact we need it but how and how much? I found this great article that highlights what to do and what not…

Over Eating or Under Exercising?

Do you think you eat too much? Or do you think you need more exercise? Well for most people, they seem to think over eating is the biggest problem. But that might not be entirely true. One article from the LA Times points to lack of exercise. I personally think it’s a combination, and everyone is different….

Life Lessons From Running

I read this article today and I immediately saw some parallels to my life. I started thinking, this is true. Running IS so much like life. Here’s a few of my favorite reasons why: It’s always the hardest at first. Keep trying, it gets easier. If you want to get better, pain/discomfort is part of the deal,…