Month: September 2014

Vegan Salad For Lunch

I thought I would share this lunch idea, not because it’s Gluten Free or because it’s “Vegan” or Raw but because it’s healthy and tasty. Here is a link to the recipe and everything about this meal. Enjoy! Live Good Mac Dodds Live Good Fitness

Does Dehydration Hurt You?

Does dehydration hurt you? Well, if you are talking about joint pain, fatigue and high blood pressure, then yes it does. I wanted to share this informative article on dehydration and how it affects us in ways we might not be aware of. For instance, joint pain and stiffness. Which makes sense because the pads between our…

Plant Based Diet?

How do we eat healthier? A plant based diet is a good way to go. But it isn’t for everyone. I thought I would share this if you were interested in knowing more. Here are a few quick tips to make eating a healthy plant based diet more convenient. Live Good, Mac Dodds, Live Good…