Month: October 2014

You? A Morning Person?

Are you a morning person? You could be, that is, you could probably turn your self into one. I found this neat article with 16 tips for turning yourself into a morning person and becoming more productive and feel better. Check it out Here. Live Good, Mac Dodds Live Good

Tight Hips?

If you are like me you need to stretch and work on flexibility often or you will lose what you have gained relatively quickly. I don’t love flexibility training, but I love the benefits I get from it. So, to make it more fun I tried this BOSU hip flexibility routine at the end of…

Exercise Your Brain

Exercising your brain doesn’t just mean doing a Sudoku or crossword puzzle. One of the best things for your brain is exercise. Doing exercise reduces your sensitivity to stressful situations. It also encourages your pituitary gland to release endorphins that make you feel good. For a list of other benefits and the kinds of exercise…