Year: 2015

Portion Control?

What’s the right portion size for you? How do you know how much or little that portion really is? Basically you don’t. Even if you think you do. That’s the confusing part. This short article will give you a tip or two that might shave an inch or two off of your midsection. Live Good,…

Black Friday

I used to not be a big fan of black friday but I’ve since changed my mind. I love it! Thanks to the East Bay Parks District Black Friday is free at the local trails. Get out there and exercise. Details Here. Live Good, Mac Dodds Live Good Fitness

Full Squats?

Should you go all the way down when you squat? We used to say no. But now some experts say yes. I think it depends on if you use weights, and on your ability/fitness level. For the complete run down, check out this quick, well written article. Live Good, Mac Dodds Live Good Fitness

Gut Bacteria

Gut Bacteria is a popular topic right now among parents and behavior specialists. Why? It might affect your child’s behavior. Here’s more. Live Good, Mac Dodds Live Good Fitness

Fall Workouts

Fall in the Bay Area is about the most gorgeous place on earth. Get out there and exercise outdoors and enjoy this great time of year with some exercise. Also, watch out for the sugar traps that start to pop up this time of year. Sugar seems to make you want more sugar, so avoid…

Veggie Brain

I think we all know by now that vegetables, (organic ones) are healthy for you and are the building blocks for what our bodies are made of. Just a reminder. This is a picture of a brain made out of vegetables. In case you didn’t have one already. Enjoy. Live Good, Mac Dodds Live Good…

Resist the Twist

No, I’m not talking about some fancy cocktail. It’s an exercise for your torso. This ¬†is a core exercise that you might not have tried before. It makes you stabilize your spine against twist while standing in place. It looks easy but can be challenging if you haven’t done it before. ¬†Because it’s isometric, it…

Physioball Hip Extension

Fat Loss and Women

Men and Women are different. I think that is obvious, but the differences don’t just stop at appearances, and social behaviors. Men and women have different hormones that regulate their bodies. Hormones are also the most powerful things that regulate change in your body. I wanted to share this presentation on body fat and women’s…

Text Neck

Just in case you didn’t know. Your cell phone, tablet, smart phone, is bad for you in a myriad of ways. Besides radiation, you can get bone and joint problems in your neck and upper back. Which does what? Causes pain and makes exercise harder and less fun. I’m not saying that I don’t use…