Month: February 2015

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3 miles

I was able to get out today and do my Tuff Mutha training protocol of 3 miles. This is the Diablo View Trail in the East Bay Regional Park called Briones. ¬†Looking forward to Saturdays Run/Hike with the Group! Live Good, Mac Dodds  

Tough Mudder 2015 Training

Get motivated folks. It’s time to start training for Tough Mudder Tahoe 2015. It’s June 13th of 2015 at Northstar Ski Resort. I am going to be training with my group and posting everything we do in our classes and our progress leading up to the event in Tahoe. Thanks for following us. Live Good,…

Dietary Cholesterol Warnings

Dietary cholesterol was a major concern. Until now? The U.S. government is set to change it’s warning about consuming cholesterol from food. It’s true. Here is a link to an article with more.¬† Live Good, Mac Dodds Live Good Fitness

Sugar Intake?

How much sugar do you take in your diet? It might be more than you think. It might be exactly what you think. But there is always more to learn. Right? Here is a link to a cool article that has 7 ways to reduce your sugar intake that you might not have known. Live…

Workout When You Are Sick?

Should we exercise when we are sick? I guess it depends on how sick and what kind of sick. It seems like if you know your body and you have been in that situation before you can go with your instinct. If you are on a steady program and you need to work out why…

Healthy Habits?

Do you have healthy habits? It doesn’t just mean eating kale 3 times per day. I can be your mental attitude about exercise, or just getting up and stretching to help relax when things get stressful. Want to pick up a few? Click below for a quick list. Here is a list of 7 Habits…