Month: March 2015

Tough Mudder Obstacles

You know you want to try it! Live Good, Mac Dodds

Bone Broth The New Kale?

Have you heard of this popular beverage/meal that are using as a healing aid? It’s essentially a broth made with bones of animals, water and vegetables. The collagen released in the cooking process is supposed to help joints heal as well as provide other health benefits. Here is a link to more on this new…

2014 Mudder Part 1

Here is the starting gate at last years mudder. Are you ready? The walls get higher!   Live Good, Mac Dodds Live Good Fitness

Quick Workout

When you need to workout but you don’t know what to do. Think of these 3 basics. I call them the big 3, and between them you can cover all of your bases as far as muscles are concerned. Push-ups Pull-ups Squats or Lunges. Modify them anyway you know to make them harder or easier…

Go Anywhere

Live Good, Mac Dodds


I created this workout calendar for anyone doing the Tough Mudder Norcal at Northstar in 2015. If you are taking any of our classes you already get it for free. It tells you exactly how much and what exercises to do to get ready leading up to the big event. Remember that the race is…


Tough Mudder 2015 Workout

Get the official workout program of the TUFF MUTHAS! If you sign up for a month of our class you will get the program AND workout calendar to maximize you training results AND ENJOY your Tough Mudder 2015 experience! It can be viewed on your IPAD, IPOD PC or Android phone!

Tuff Mutha Workout

This is a little workout from last summer that is similar to what we do on our Saturday Tuff Mutha Workouts. The difference is that we bring bands and use them at different points on the trail. Sign up here to save your spot for this Saturday.

Just Another Day At The Office

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