Month: May 2015

Tuff Mutha Tonight!!!

I’m glad the Zombie Crawls were a success last Thursday. Great job Tony, Mike, and TJ.!!! We have more in store for tonight and I hope to see you all there. Get motivated, TM is just 16 days away. Remember we have our last long Run/Hike this Saturday at 9:45am at the Briones Reservoir please…

Fitness Forecast May 26 to May 31 2015

Monday was Memorial Day so I hope you got out and did some kind of fun outdoor activity. Tuesday – Total Body detox workout. Do a 30 minute run or hike and push-ups, lunges, squats and pull-ups at any available stations. Wednesday – Big 3 basic strength training. Squat, push, pull. Get the abs and…


I just wanted to let you know that I have a new exercise in store for TUFF MUTHA class attendees tonight. We will still be keeping the 90 sec on 30 sec rest model and working in pull-ups and roll-ups at the front and back end of the workout. But. . . We will be…

Fitness Forecast May 18 – 25 2015

It’s been cooler than average lately and will be until Saturday Sunday and Monday where the temperatures warm up to do outdoor activities. Tuesday – Upper Body Strength Training. Do your favorite upper body resistance routine Wednesday – Lower body resistance training program. Thursday – Total body calisthenics type exercises with cardiovascular intensity. Kettlebell swings,…

Tough Mudder Build Up

Hi all of my Tuff Mutha trainers! I just wanted to say thanks and that I am getting exited for the race. You have all been progressing and improving in fitness and I can tell. This Saturday we will be at the Briones Reservoir at 1929 Bear Creek Rd, Lafayette, CA 94549 and we will…

Fitness Forecast May 13 – 17 2015 East Bay Area

Wednesday temp 53 to 67 last day to do an outdoor workout before the rain comes do a nice long hike and enjoy the views Thursday – Rain. Do your strength training total body workout indoors and get the big 3 movements in, squat, push, pull. Friday – Do an indoor Strength and conditioning workout….

Cable Cross Over

Cable Crossovers are a good exercise for when you have finished your functional workout and you want to do a little extra for your chest and shoulders. Live Good, Mac Dodds Live Good Fitness

Saturday May 9th Tuff Mutha Trail Run

Just a reminder that we still have room for a couple more people on our Saturday Tuff Mutha trail run it’s going to be 9 miles and we will visit this spot. Anyone who knows it can run for only $20. Live Good, Mac Dodds Live Good Fitness

Active Fitness Forecast May 5 – May 12

Happy Cinco De Mayo, The active forecast for this week is great. Everyday this week should be nice outside so you can exercise outside everyday this week. A great option would be to do a run, hike, or long walk today before you go out for tacos. Wednesday and Thursday do an upper and lower…

Roller Balance Hip Extension

This roller hip extension is a tough exercise that works your core and requires balance and upper body strength. Live Good, Mac Dodds Live Good Fitness