Month: June 2015

What is your Goal?

This is a video I took yesterday at a kitesurfing competition at the Marina Park in Pittsburgh, CA. You need to be in shape to do this sport. When you can use your body, a new a whole world is open to you. What do you want to do with your fitness? Live Good, Mac…

Keep That Feeling

Now that Tough Mudder is over, it’s easy to lose that feeling. But you don’t have to. The feeling I’m talking about is feeling in SHAPE. It feels good and you worked hard to earn it. So get a plan an put it to action. You can follow my fitness forecast for ideas and workouts….

Fitness Forecast June 23 – 28 2015

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday are going to be the hottest days this week so, lets make those indoor gym days and save the fun outdoor activities for the weekend. Tuesday: Do an indoor interval training workout with stretching to finish. Wednesday: Strength training day.The big 3 squats, pull-ups, and push-ups or bench press with 3…

5 sets of 5

5 exercises with 5 sets of 5 repetitions. It can be a great way to get strong. I emphasize STRONG because it won’t make you get BIG or lose weight. I’m sharing a link to a workout from ACE. It’s a legit workout that can be used for a strength day. I wouldn’t recommend it…


Thank you to our Live Good Fitness Team the “TUFF MUTHAS” Everyone did great and I think people exceeded their expectations. Live Good, Mac Dodds Live Good Fitness  

Last Day!!!

Live Good, Mac Dodds Live Good Fitness  

2 Days Left

2 Days left until TM 2015 in Lake Tahoe. . . Here We Go! Live Good, Mac Dodds  

Tough Mudder Flashback!!!

As we did our last TUFF MUTHA class last night I was having some flashbacks of past TM’s and how much fun it is to do with other people. Especially those you have trained with for the past 12 weeks. It really is kind of like the last day of school. I am proud of…

Long Enjoyable Life

I want to live longer and enjoy my life more. That is why I train people what I have learned and continue to learn and put into practice. I love it when my clients improve their lives by trying new things and getting used to a more active way of life and by eating in…

Roller Back Plank

Hi Everyone. This is a great way to work your posterior chain (the back of your body). It makes your core strong and is a great part of a strength training program that helps keep your back healthy. Check back for more videos. Live Good, Mac Dodds