Month: July 2016

DO Something 2.0

Hi Live Gooders, I did a post a few months back about just doing something and not putting a high achievement level on every workout you do or are thinking about starting. We all want to be the guy in the football training video, sprinting and slamming weights. Or the girl trail running, and doing…

Breathing Exercises

If you can’ breathe from your core, you can’t control your core. Here is a list of exercises to help you unwind, actually improve core function and help make your core feel and look better. Try these and test yourself here. Live Good, Mac Dodds Live Good Fitness

E. Coli From Flour?

E.Coli is back and it’s not from the usual sources that you might think like processed meats, eggs, spinach. It could actually come from your pantry. Flour? Yep. The CDC is urging you to throw out any flour from the following brands and dates. Make sure you thoroughly cook any of the dough that you…

Is Sushi Healthy?

I get that question a lot. Is sushi healthy? I always kind of thought so but now I know that there are a lot of variables that go into a black or white question like that. Well I’m happy to note that the average American and Nutritionists agree on some things and differ on others….