Month: April 2017

3 Ways to GET MORE from your Workout

Use the following three tips to bring your routine up to the next level:  1. Be Unstable: Use your entire body, and target your core, by performing exercises that engage stabilizing muscles. To do this use an exercise ball, a balance board, a balance disk, or you could simply stand on one leg.  2. Add Resistance: The…

Forget Sugar

I don’t believe is swearing on blog posts and other public things so I am saying “forget sugar” instead of the other F-word that may come to mind. I felt oddly off yesterday and had less energy than usual. I was blaming it on the rainy season, or the workout I had Last Friday that…

3 Anti-Fitness Habits

The following 3 habits will result in weight gain faster than you can say ‘anti-fitness habits.’ Break these habits quickly. Drinking Calories. Soda pop, coffee drinks, smoothies and fruit juices are filled with calories. Since liquids won’t give you a ‘full’ feeling, these drinks slide by without notice of how many extra calories you’re getting….

4 Ways to Burn More Fat

There is nothing quite as frustrating as seeing your results fizzle out. This is a common place to end up, usually after a few months on the same exercise routine. In the beginning your body responds to your routine with lost pounds and gained muscle tone, then one day all results screech to a stop….


Are you struggling with self motivation? Having a hard time getting yourself to your regularly scheduled workouts? Finding more and more reasons to cheat on your healthy diet? You’re not alone and today I’ve got just the 4 Self-Motivating Mind Tricks that you need to lock onto your goals… A healthy dose of motivation coupled…