4G Impact and Bone Density

4G’s, That’s the amount of impact force it takes to improve bone density in adolescents¬†according to one study out of Bristol.

Running a 10 minute mile or dropping down from a 15 inch box is enough force to generate 4G’s and stimulate bone density improvement, or at least reduce the amount of bone loss in adolescents.

Unfortunately not many older adults are likely experiencing that amount of impact on their bones. Keep in mind that sedentary individuals and those with structural issues may not be able to tolerate 4G forces.

Another study showed that women 25 to 50 who hopped 10 times at least 2 times a day significantly increased the density of their hip bones after 16 weeks.

If you are interested in improving your bone density. Meet with a certified fitness professional with an advanced degree in human movement.

Then you can realistically plan bone density improvement into your fitness programming without overdoing it.

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Mac Dodds

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