Apple Hate

Hi Everybody,

Apple. I’ve had a few.

I don’t mean the organic delicious varieties that you find at the farmers market.

Or the Whole Paycheck grocery store.​

I mean the Apple that makes Ipads, Iphones, apple TV, and apple Music.

They are always so cool at first.

But then they get slow and finding what you want is hard.

They make it almost impossible to transfer files or share things without going through them or calling someone.

A lot of time wasting with apple I’ve found.

Which brings me to my point.

Why waste time, or better put.  Why create time to hate on apple?

It doesn’t help anything. I think that time is better spent working on you.

Choose you.

You are more valuable than a lot of things you give power to. So why not do something good for yourself?

I’m working on this and I want you to as well.

Next time you catch yourself hating on something or some one. Ask yourself…

Is this helpful? Who is it helping? Can I do something for myself that will help me?

I hope you choose exercise to help you. Because it has lots of side benefits.

But whatever you choose, it’s go to be better than wasting energy on stuff that you don’t like/ can’t control.

If you’re not sure what to do for the exercise part. I can help you or someone you know.

YOUR Life… YOU Live it!

Mac Dodds

The Exercise Expert for Health, Resilience and Living Life Without Pain!

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