Back Friday

The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday. But I don’t like that.

I still haven’t come up with a reason to like black Friday.  Here’s why. . . .

  1. It sounds ominous
  2. It’s another thing I overcome to be present with family
  3. It’s lost it’s luster. Not exiting
  4. ​It doesn’t improve my life
  5. Doesn’t make me any healthier, smarter or truly happier
  6. It takes focus away from what we are happy and thankful for and puts it on things we don’t have.

So I vote to change it to. . .  Back Friday

as in:

  • Back to reality
  • Back to ​my healthy routine
  • Back to helping others
  • Back to being mindfull
  • Back to exercise
  • Back to loving and taking care of yourself.

This is an interactive email. Please vote by replying to this email if you want to give feedback. ​

We all need to be active weather its yard-work, hiking, body-weight exercises or killer sets of bear crawls.

Whatever your level, get out there and do it! If you need help or know someone who does​ send them this link.

It’s an opportunity to set up an appointment with me and change their life for the better.

And. I’ll even reward you with a free 1/2 hour session for each person who actually meets with me.

And Now . . .Back to Living

Mac Dodds

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