Busy Person’s Guide to Exercise

Come on, we are all busy and have a ton of stuff to get done every day.

We all also need to exercise or suffer the consequences of not getting it done.

Ideally we should have some routine established that we can go to when schedules are more normal, but when it’s crunch time the benefit of exercise can happen with just a little intensity.

Here are 5 quick ways to get some exercise in when you really need it but don’t have much time

1. Get up and walk to an open spot and do 10 push-ups

2. Do ten lunges (full or partial) on each leg and then go back to work.

3. Run around the block even in your work clothes. (it’s not that far)

4. Do 10 cobra to down dogs in your office.

5. Stand up and cross your legs right over left. Go down toward ground and reach up to the sky 8 times on each side.

That’s it for now. You go back to work and get stuff done!

Live Good,

Mac Dodds, M.A. CSCS

Live Good Fitness

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