Cancer Fighting Veggie

Purple Veggie

Have you ever heard of a kohlrabi? I hadn’t either. It’s like a cabbage/turnip and you can eat all of the parts of it but the meat on the inside is the best tasting part.

If you can find it at your farmers market, it’s worth a try! Peel, chop and roast or saute.

It’s a member of the cruciferous family like brussel sprouts and cauliflower. They are loaded with cancer fighting components. Eating these kinds of veggies gives you good fiber and can lower your risk of certian types of cancer like lungs, colon, cervix and liver.

Here’s a link to the studies. Fight Cancer Brassica Vegetables and cancer risk

There’s no difference in nutrient content or taste with between the different colors. But if you can get the ones with the smaller bulbs. They are a bit sweeter tasting.

Enjoy and be healthy!

Live Good,
Mac Dodds
Live Good Fitness

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