DO Something 2.0

Hi Live Gooders,

I did a post a few months back about just doing something and not putting a high achievement level on every workout you do or are thinking about starting.

We all want to be the guy in the football training video, sprinting and slamming weights. Or the girl trail running, and doing crossfit to a rockin’ playlist with a sweaty towel.

But, sometimes, when you get done with work and you feel tired, hungry and like saying, screw this, ill just go tomorrow. Remember this….

Just show up and do something, biceps curls (light as you want) , a few crunches, some stretches and then watch T.V. on the exercise bike. Whatever.

Just do more than zero and take it back up to a higher level and more focused goal workout another day.

Keep doing something!

Live Good,
Mac Dodds,
Live Good Fitness

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