Exercise And Pain

Exercise and pain. Do they have to go hand in hand? Some think you can’t have improvement unless you workout so hard that you can’t get out of the car.

I think “no pain, no gain” was a motivational cliche but can lead to a misrepresentation of what exercise is really all about.

For a lot of people (like most of my clients) it’s about keeping pain away through exercise muscle balance, and flexibility.

Exercise needs to be challenging and you need to work through barriers and weaknesses. Sometimes that is uncomfortable.

If you are exercising and constantly working through pain, or have pain afterwards you might want to look into other forms of exercise.

On the other hand. If your goal is to complete a grueling adventure endurance race like Tough Mudder NorCal 2014 like I am. You are probably going to have to experience a little pain just so you can be prepared.

I guess it’s all about what your goals are.

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Mac Dodds

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