Exercise Preparation

How do you get ready to exercise?

Do you just throw some weights on the bar and start doing squats, do you hop on the treadmill for 5 and then get on the machines and do a circuit?

Do you hit the roller and work on loosening up tight muscles that you will be using during the exercise?

What kind of exercise you do and what kind of warm-up you do should depend on what you want to accomplish by working out and considering what activities you have planned and the state of your body.

If you are feeling good (not too tight and sore) and you are about to start another functional Monday workout then you could probably start by doing some total body movements and then moving right into your workout.

If you are about to do a long run, you might want to do some myofascial release on the roller and a few ballistic stretches.

Choose movements that involve all of the leg muscles and joints i. e. high leg kicks, hip circles, and quad back-kicks.

If you have a chronic issue with a back or hip etc. you should probably try to spend a little extra time on that spot to prepare it for exercise. Why not right?

The bottom line is that whatever you do listen to your body, have a plan to work toward your goal and then make adjustments to your warm-up based on how you feel and what you are working on that day.


Live Good,

Mac Dodds

Live Good Fitness

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