Exercising Tired


We have all been there. Tired, a little sore (or a lot) and we are due for a workout. But how much should you do? Should you push through being tired? Should you push through achy muscles?


Some experts say “if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward” in other words, always keep exercising at a high intensity.


Other more conservative fitness experts like myself think that you really need to listen to your body for clues that you may be getting close to injury or being over trained.


Both of which will make it more likely that you quit exercising or have to alter your short term fitness goals.


There is no cookie cutter answer here.


One thing is for sure, the longer and more consistently you exercise on a regular basis, the better the feel you will have for:


  • How much you can push yourself
  • When that nagging injury is coming back
  • When you need to just rest
  • When you just need to get up and do something, anything physical but at a lower intensity or amount.
So get out there and make fitness and health your experiment, try different things.
If you are over tired, but you still need exercise. Just go for a walk or hike, run or even light resistance training but do 1/2 or 1/4 of what you normally would.
If you feel a nagging injury popping up, try myofascial release, take a yoga class or something different (low impact) that you are not used to.
Keep notes. Make adjustments. Succeed. If you care enough to try those suggestions, it’s my guess that you will know what to do.
Live Good,
Mac Dodds M.A. Strength & Conditioning Specialist


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