Fire Relief Donations Thank You!

Hey Guys and Gals,

I just wanted to say thank you to all of those who donated to the Fire Relief Fundraiser at Morello Park on Wednesday night.

I donated my Wife to Host the Event which is worth a lot!

Every Little Bit of Positive Thought and Energy goes out and I believe truly does help people feel better.

And the Money and gift cards help too. So Thank you!

While it’s important to give to people in need. It’s also important to give to yourself.

I’m not just talking about buying yourself something but giving yourself what you need to feel your best and be your best self.

I struggle with this, It’s always been hard to pay for coaching, or pay for services from people who can really help you like a chiropractor, massage therapist or personal trainers.

But Since I’ve had coaching myself and have spent more on making myself better, my reach and ability to help people like you have grown and this will in turn make both of us better.

YOUR Life… YOU Live it!

Mac Dodds

The King of Fitness for Health, Ability and Well-Being

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