Forget Sugar

I don’t believe is swearing on blog posts and other public things so I am saying “forget sugar” instead of the other F-word that may come to mind.

I felt oddly off yesterday and had less energy than usual. I was blaming it on the rainy season, or the workout I had Last Friday that was a little too much.

And then it dawned on me that I ate a cupcake, 2 cookies and a bag of m&m’s and a kit kat over the weekend along with a few drinks. I am not blaming anyone or feeling guilty for this nor should you if you did something similar. but. Sugar can make you feel like crap and it can quickly become a bad habit that is so unfulfilling and unsatisfying.

So. In the spirit of saying “forget sugar” I am making a special offer to you out there who have never worked out with me and know you need to start feeling better, getting more energy and leaning up a bit.

Get a Free Week of training with me at the studio in Pleasant hill 2 x 30 min Sessions (only for new clients) But, here’s the catch, 1) It’s first come first serve. 2) You have to contact me  HERE before May 1st to take advantage. Take Advantage Of My Free Week! 

If You would rather work out in a Small Group Class for Women Only – Team Training is your answer! This class has only 2 spots and then will be full. The Amazing Tina Dodds (My Wife) teaches it herself. Click Here to get your free week and see if  it’s right for you! It’s Tues & Thursday from 5:30 to 6:10am! TEAM TRAINING

Of course if you would rather have a FREE Ebook with 42 Fat burning recipes for now to get started. I would be happy to provide as a  Thank You for your time. Just Click Here

Thanks for Reading this!

Live Good,

Mac Dodds

Live Good Fitness

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