Halloween and Recipe Book

Hey Kids,

Today is Halloween. It’s an unusual day.

We dress up or someone we know does.

Don’t Trip out and make too big of a deal out of it.

It’s fun and we do it every year.

​But what about tomorrow? . . . How Will you eat?

Tomorrow is the day that you go back to your normal life.

The one where you eat healthy.​​

To burn Fat and feel good.

And Good about Yourself.

Here is a link to a good recipe book ​ that will help you learn what you need to eat to be your best and leanest self.

It’s worth checking out if you need a refresh or are not one of those people who know what to eat.

And Now… Back to Life

Mac Dodds

The Expert on Solutions for Health, Resilience, and Living Your Best Life!

P.S. Anyone can teach themselves what to eat to be healthy but it takes action to make it a reality.

Every little bit counts! 

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