Leftover Candy Strategy 1.0

Hey Kids,

Halloween Candy…

It’s there, It’s around. Can’t put your head in the sand on this one. At least in America.

And especially if you have kids.

Whatch’a gonna do eh?​

Have a plan. That’s all.

Get Rid of it Now! I mean Today. Just put it in a bag and get rid of it.

Candy, the worst part about it is that it’s habit forming.

If you have a little every day, it becomes a habit.

It seems better to eat 600-700 calories of sugar on one day, and then feel sick and get rid of it all.

The other option is to eat 100 calories of sugar every day for 2 weeks 1400 calories.

Plus you expose your teeth and pancreas to repeated high doses of high fructose corn syrup.

Plus you now have a new routine that includes unnecessary sugar.

Not to mention a Bad habit to break.

So why not get rid of it all today. The holiday is over. Go back to your healthy life and healthy routine.

Leave the demons behind.

By the way if you have some fitness demons that you need to “exercise” … haha couldn’t help it.

Just reply to this email or click this link​​​. and I can help you reach your health and fitness goals.

And Now… Back to Life

Mac Dodds

The Expert on Solutions for Health, Resilience, and Living your best life!

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