Lunges 2 days in a row? Are You Crazy?

Hey Kids,

Do you really need to wait a day after training to train again. I.E.  M,W, Friday?

While my PT client was warming up I asked her what she had done for her home workouts this week.

She explained that she did her workout 1 (great!) on Monday and then HAD to wait until Thursday to do it again.

Me: “why did you have to wait till Thursday?

Her: “Because I did lunges with Kimmie on Tuesday!”

Me: hmmm…..

I didn’t like that reasoning.

Somewhere along the line she read or thought that you can’t exercise 2 days in a row.

I shared that while yes it’s possible to “over-train” by doing the same thing over and over day after day. We weren’t really in danger of that here.

We’ve got it all wrong.

We need to not put limitations on and scare ourselves out of exercise and hard work everyday.

We put too much credit toward 10,000 steps and the bare minimum to keep us alive.

How about quality of Life? How many steps does that take Doctor?

But the government recommendations! ?

Remember when they told us that carbs were good for us and we should cut out high quality fats?

It fires me up! Give yourself permission to think for yourself.

Take ownership of your health. Choose yourself, and listen to your body.

I am positive that you know more about your body and if you’re honest with yourself, if you are getting enough exercise or too much.

How do you know if you are doing too much?

Hint: Don’t look at your watch. Although that might be nice and help make it fun.

You still need to look inside…

Don’t let your fit bit make decisions for you!

I appreciate you all… My Readers, clients, and fellow trainers. And I want you to succeed.

So I want you to think for yourself and if something doesn’t make sense, or you’re not sure…..

Ask me in an email.. . It will help everyone else…

The best questions will be answered right here to my follower list.

And now, Back to life…

Mac Dodds

The Expert in Solutions for Health, Resilience, and Living Your Best Life.

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