Hi Everyone,

Ever hear a song that you love, or you didn’t know you really liked and start tapping your feet?

Ever start getting pumped and want to work out harder because YOUR song came on?

Of Course you have. That’s the awesome thing about music. It can have an emotional impact on you.

It can make you happy, sad, remember someone, or reignite a feeling.

We all have days where we need more motivation. It’s not your fault. You can boot strap it.

Create it yourself. or another option is to browse some music. or just put something on and see if it works.

I recently got Spotify and it has really helped me get in the mood to move, especially when it’s hard to start.

And No. I’m not getting Paid to Say that.

I’m also not getting paid to say that I hate Apple, and I will never use their services.

More on that tomorrow . .

And Now… Back to Life

Mac Dodds

The Expert for Solutions in Health, Resilience, and Living Good!

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