Negative Psychology and Your Health

Improving your life by making healthy decisions like eating vegetables at every meal and exercising most days is a great way to feel good and look good.

Sometimes however, we concentrate on or pay too much attention to the wrong things. That small mental bad habit can actually crush your chances of getting what you want.
If you have any of these habits, you are reducing your chances of success:
You have a hard time picturing you in your new healthy body and life. A vision board with inspirational quotes and pictures of what you’ll get to do with your healthy body will help.
You are too focused on a number, like your weight, BMI, or % bodyfat. When those numbers stop going down it can make you think you are failing or doing something wrong. No. The only thing you can do wrong is stop exercising and learning as much as you can about eating healthy.
You put yourself down. Feeling guilty or shameful about food choices actually hinders your chance at success. Instead focus on things you can do to put yourself in situations where you can make healthy choices and have a plan each week for physical activity and eating healthy.
Live Good,
Mac Dodds

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