Paleo Diet Ranks Last as “Best Diet”

When I read that title I thought to myself how can that be? Who ranked this?

I have found versions of the paleolithic diet to be a very effective diet for me and many of my clients.

Although to be fair, we don’t exactly follow a paleolithic style diet. It’s similar, but the difference is based more on the principals of consuming less starch, sugar and processed foods.

So why did it rank so low?

  1. Doctors think it may be limited in a few essential nutrients.
  2. Experts from the U.S. News and world reports say that it’s too restrictive for most people.
  3. Lack of research supporting the benefits to cardiovascular health when they decided where to rank the diet.

If you want to know more this article from CNN has it.


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Mac Dodds

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Photo Credit: CNN

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