Positive Successful 2014


Here’s some ideas on how you can have a successful 2014 and be positive, which will make you feel better about what you end up doing.


  1. Make a list of the wins you had in 2013. Seriously, even the little things. Read over it when you are done and reflect on the awesome.
  2. Write out 8 things that you are good at. Positive statements, in your voice. I am confident, I am a great dad, I am good at golf, whatever.
  3. Set some goals 50% should be super attainable 50% more challenging. Then make a tentative plan to reach them all.
Good luck, you won’t need it if you take the above steps, but hey just go for it. Want more? Go Here.
Live Good,
Mac Dodds
Photo Credit: Stocksy.com


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