Project Time

Hi Kids.

Some of the Happiest moments of my life are doing things with my sons.

When I don’t get to do it, or when I’m too tired from work or life to be present with them it feels terrible.

It feels like I’m a bad dad.

So I say to my self, we are going to do a project together.

I ask the boys….. “Do you wan’t to do a project with me? ”

“What kind of project dad?”

“You’ll get to use tools”

A huge Yay! usually ensues. (tools are awesome)

And now I am committed to some priceless time with my kids.

The point is doing things that fill your heart are important to health.

Sometimes what makes you healthy is doing things with people you love even if it’s not exercise.

So. I found a guide that has 16 thousand different woodworking projects ​ that you can do if you are into that kind of thing.

If you like wood working projects ​ and want to do them with a loved one or always wanted to know how to make a cool table.

Here’s you guide. 

And Now… Back to Life

Mac Dodds

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