Pulling Back

Hi Guys,

My mind was spinning this morning on my way to work.

So much going on, with training new clients, working on launching a new product for neck pain.

Working on getting some of my other books and manuals in ready to distribute shape.

It can be overwhelming. If you let it. It’s easy to let it.

Because you can’t do Everything.

You can wan’t everything you want. And Have it. But it takes time.

As my head was spinning I thought of some of my most successful clients over the years.

I needed to do with my business, what I teach with my clients.

They wanted to know how to do everything perfectly right away.

They wanted to be lean and in great shape immediately. Can you blame them?

They ultimately got the results they wanted by pulling back and looking at the big picture.

They saw 2 things. 1 was that they had already improved, and much more than they realized.

2 – The process of exercising regularly and developing small habits over time made their results inevitable and unstoppable.

If you wan’t a great book on the topic it’s By Napolean Hill and it’s called Outwitting the Devil.

Very inspiring book.

Please let me know what your obstacle to being healthy, fit, and living your best life by replying to this email.

And Now. . . Back to Life

Mac Dodds

The Expert on Solutions to Health, Abilities, and Living Your Best Life

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