Seated Core and Hip Exercise

So, sitting at your desk isn’t great for you. For most of us it’s a fact of life that we spend some time in a chair each day.

Many say that they don’t have time for exercise. You can scratch that excuse because you can get exercise in your chair, even at a low intensity.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Alignment: Tilt your pelvis forward and arch your back. Notice how you were sitting before that.
  • Get muscle tone: Sit up tall from your new position. It takes back and abdominal muscles to hold you up for time.
  • Hip Strength: Keep your feet flat on the floor and knees pointed straight ahead, not resting to the side.
These are endurance sitting muscles and if you are trying at home and are already slouching, you can really improve by doing this small system check and increasing your time in correct sitting posture.
Live Good,
Mac Dodds
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