When most people think of swelling or inflammation, they think of what happens after an acute injury which is correct, but inflammation can be more complicated that that.

Inflammation is a natural way of protecting injured joints by immobilizing them (like a “natural” cast), but inflammation also occurs when your body is trying to protect itself from toxic substances that are being introduced or ingested and this can be way more dangerous and make you look heavier than you really are.

Your body will always prioritize reducing inflammation before other, less important, activities like fat loss or muscle building. It’s simple, this is the biggest threat to survival and everything else becomes secondary.

The key is to control inflammation as much as possible, because there will ALWAYS be environmental factors that cause a global inflammatory response and you have to be proactive.

Today’s article focuses on one simple trick to reduce inflammation and re prioritize your health.

Simple “Trick” To Reduce Inflammation‚Äč

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