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Low Carbohydrate Solutions to Old Favorites

I’m not a nutrition expert but I like to know great ways to eat healthy. I found this¬†online article¬†with some quick and healthy ideas to substitute carbohydrates with healthy and delicious vegetables. I hope you enjoy. I am going to try the portabello mushrooms as a bun substitute on my hamburger. Here’s the link. Live…

Real Food Is King

Which is the best diet? Paleo? Low glycemic index foods? the Hollywood cookie diet? In my mind, without a doubt, real food comes in first and should seem like a no-brainer. But that’s because I do this for a living. I have read lots about food and nutrition. So I thought I would share some…

Yoga Mats & Buns?

What do yoga mats and buns have in common? It’s not an exercise question as you might think. It’s actually a food question. The answer: Azodicarbonamide. It’s used by companies to make yoga mats and shoe soles. Unlike their restaurants in UK and Australia, Subways in the US use it to make their sandwich bread….