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Friends and Family

​Hi Guys, I wanted to say thank you for reading all of my emails over the last few weeks/ months. I plan on keeping them coming. If you’re getting my emails, you know me and have worked with me or have read my books and training programs. You may not know that. . . I have…

Leftover Candy Strategy 1.0

Hey Kids, Halloween Candy… It’s there, It’s around. Can’t put your head in the sand on this one. At least in America. And especially if you have kids. Whatch’a gonna do eh?​ Have a plan. That’s all. Get Rid of it Now! I mean Today. Just put it in a bag and get rid of it….

Mind Over Matter

Hey Kids, Exercising every day for weight loss is ​hard.  It’s harder than watching the Giants struggle through the last half of the baseball season. Exercising every day to keep your self in the game is still hard, but you see (better yet, feel) the benefits right away. You do neck and posture exercises and…