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Burpees Every Day!

Are burpees safe to do every day? Of course they are. Is using your body safe to do every day? I hope so. Burpees are essentially getting down to the floor (face down) and back up to standing. The variation is in what you do in between start and finish. You could do a pushup,…

Eating Strategies Before and After Workouts

What you eat before and after workouts seems to be important if you have a specific goal in mind, like marathon training or hypertrophy training (building girth and muscle mass). For the rest of us who want to be fit, have a good workout and get healthier, the types of healthy foods we eat are…

Can Antioxidants Reduce Workout Results?

A recent article in the New York Times says Vitamins could hurt your exercise performance. More specifically they could make it harder to get results from exercise. One study showed that after 11-weeks of exercise the participants who took the placebo had increased biochemical markers related to mitochondrial creation. The antioxidant group didn’t have the same benefit….