The Gift Of Fitness


We all want the people in our lives to be happy and healthy. Sometimes we can show our love by helping make it more fun to exercise, or doing it together.


Sometimes the person who needs to be more fit is us. So, here’s how to give the gift of fitness to someone you love or yourself!


1. Cooking classes. If you want to be healthy you need to learn to make healthy meals for yourself easily. Stephanie Dodds offers great classes and education.


2. Tupperware. So you can bring the healthy food with you where ever you go, and healthy leftovers.


3. Personal Training Gift Certificate. Set up good habits to fall back on. Things have changed in the last 10 years. Live Good Fitness


Don’t waste your time or the life of your joints by doing things that aren’t fundamentally sound.


There are lots of other ways to gift fitness as well.   Here is an article with more.


Live Good,

Mac Dodds

Live Good Fitness


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