Top Ranked Defense

Hi Guys,

Tonight there is an NFL game Featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tennessee Titans.

I have L. Bell on my fantasy football team tonight so I was thinking about football this morning.

I hope the Titans don’t have a top ranked defense because, if they do. . . .

My player won’t do that well. i.e. score many points.

How does this tie into fitness and exercise and resilience you ask?

Often, (always actually) when you are working on your health, getting leaner, or trying to reach a performance goal. . . .

You’ve got to play like a  top ranked defense.

You can’t let anything get by you.

You’ve got to stick to the game plan and don’t fall for the bait that the offense put’s out there for you.

You’ve got  a commitment to your team (you) and you cant let them down.

There’s going to be cookies, and parties and everyone else ordering double cheeseburgers with a side of macaroni and cheese.

Choose your battles strategically. . . You might not win them all but you’ve got to win the war. (your goal)

You have a plan, and your team (you) needs you to get (you) done.

That means exercise, choosing foods that get you to the endzone (feel good) and set the example for the other players (the people in your life).

No go out there and win one for the team (you).

If you need a teammate with game time experience reply to this email and I can help you reach your goals.

And Now. . . Back to Living

​Mac Dodds

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