Trying Not o Get Fat

Hi Guys, Happy Thanksgiving!

I was thinking this morning about all of the reasons to eat healthy today.

Sometimes we are faced with what in our minds is a tough decision. Am I going to try to eat healthy?

Or . . am I going to eat what I want?

The biggest mindset shift you may ever make is that the “Or” is a lie that you tell yourself.

Eating healthy, to try not to get fat is a losing battle.

You lose because you don’t get what you want to eat, and.

You lose because “not getting fatter” isn’t much of a reward.

Here’s what I suggest.

Enjoy yourself, by being yourself and taking care of yourself with friends and family.

Do what you know is right for you and set an example for the other people in your life.

Eat Healthy for a Reason. Here are a few:

  • Your immune system is in your digestive track, eat healthy and skip the cold and flu season.
  • Sometimes you are going to miss workouts because of travel and responsibilities. Eating healthy is something you can do to stay stronger.
  • You are a leader if you set an example of healthy eating. You might not convert friends and family but you might get them thinking about taking care of themselves.​

​Have a Great Thanksgiving and call or email me (after today) if you or someone you know could benefit from being healthier​, stronger, and sleeping better!

And Now… Back to Life

Mac Dodds

The Expert on Solutions for Health Fitness and Living Your Best Life.

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