Useless Gym Activities


It’s easy to get to the gym and that is half the battle. But the other half of the battle is that you need to do something that works. These things um, don’t work.



  1. Only Doing Cardio: Some people think that cardio is the whole workout. Strength training should be at least 50% of the work you do at the gym.
  2. Using the Eliptical Machine: Again this is cardio, however this machine does a lot of the work for you. Which means you aren’t getting all of the benefit. If you need to use a cardio machine, pick one that makes you carry your own body weight, and don’t lean on the handles.
  3. Not Getting to a High Intensity: Cruising through your workout that you have done countless times is good once in a while. Challenging yourself in at least one aspect during a workout is going to continue giving you a positive result time after time.
Live Good,
Mac Dodds
Photo Credit: The News Tribune


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